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VIGIL OF WAR - Spoon Fed (Official Music Video
VIGIL OF WAR - Stitch Me Up (Official Music Video)
VIGIL OF WAR - Bite The Bullet (Official Music Video)
CHOKE "Live in Quarantine" July 2020
VULTURES bass play through by Alicia!

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Photo By: Sigal Mizrahi


Vigil Of War

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Vigil Of War is a rock & roll 4 piece from Los Angeles formed in 2017 with an edgy sound and a look to match. If Billy Idol, Joan Jett, and Brody Dalle were to mix their sound in a current day feel, VOW would fall close to this.

Alicia Vigil         -    Vocals/Bass

Shane Taylor    -     Guitar/Keys

Kiki Wongo       -     Guitar/Bass

Kyle Abbot        -      Drums

"Performing their second show ever on the hallowed stage of The Whisky, the early arrivals were treated to the exciting beginnings of a band destined to set the LA music scene on fire." - Ken Morton- Highwire Daze
"Vigil Of War carry the very same heat and vibrancy to the table, making for a unique listening experience. They have that signature combination of glam, sex appeal, dirt, and rage that makes me think of some of the best local bands, from Guns’N’Roses to Social Distortion, and everything in between. Experiencing Vigil Of War live is like experiencing a slice of true LA rock music!" Nix review. (Jan. '19)
"I never thought I'd see a female Billy Idol come through the music scene. But that's just what Alicia Vigil, the lead Vocalist and Bassist of the Rock band Vigil Of War is. She's got the strut, confidence, and yes, the sneer that made Billy the Idol that he was and is." Fanzine review of VOW. April '17 issue
"If you get the chance, go see the band as I don’t think they will be playing small venues for very long. A great band, with great songs and great to watch." Gary Cooper of Moshville Times. Review of Ediinburgh, Scotland show  (Feb, 2019)